Simply put, creating unique live events and event marketing is what we do. We create, design, and implement event ideas and bring them to life. We are the only full service event creation company in Minnesota offering detailed event planning, event marketing and consulting services. When you work with Kern and Kompany you have peace of mind knowing that you are partnering with an award winning organization with over 23 years of event planning and marketing experience. We are always ready to take on new challenges and welcome your project regardless of the scale. 



Kern and Kompany produces some of Minnesota’s most popular and largest events such as the nationally recognized and award winning Duluth Airshow, as well as Duluth Oktoberfestival, and the largest legal street drag racing event of its kind in the entire United States, the Duluth Drag Races and Car Show!

Not only do we produce our own events internally, but we also produce corporate events and consult entities on event planning and logistics. Whether your event is for 50 people or 50,000 our team of special event planners are sure to impress and inspire. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting back and seeing a Kern and Kompany event come to life. 



Our staff is trained in all facets of marketing. From social media integration to web design to product promotion – we do it all! We have studied the demographics and know the most effective way to reach your target audiences and bring that WOW factor to your marketing campaign. Our creative and innovative team can’t wait to sit down with you to discuss your new marketing venture.



Launching in 2023, Kern Artists looks to support the growing Film, Television and Industrial work being done in Minnesota, and in particular, St. Louis County. Making the connection is a big part of the work ahead and we will be supporting this new economic driver in our region by helping to connect the industry with the talent.



Live events require infrastructure support. We own and operate equipment that can be utilized for traffic support, crowd control, event communication and event set up. Items include tables, benches, barrels, UTVs, communication options, high visibility vests, signage, barriers and more. If you have a specific event need contact us.

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